About the Cluster

The Health Textile Digital Cluster in the Mediterranean is a vital tool for implementing health emergency
initiatives, initiating cooperation among health emergency companies and find out concrete actions
to lead a marketing approach for them. It offers information and provides exchange facilities to
support the members of the cluster to interact with potential partners for cooperation.


To provide an effective, quick and tested/certified supply of health devices in case of epidemics in the Mediterranean countries.

Beneficiary countries

Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine

Contracting authority

MFCPOLE, Monastir El Fejja Competitiveness Pole – Tunisia


The Health Textile Digital Cluster in the Mediterranean is launched in the frame of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES – Textile Mediterranean Alliances for Business Development, Internationalization
and Innovation.

Healthtextile flyer

The TEX-MED ALLIANCES objective is to design, implement and support Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) initiatives (Framework Initiatives and Specific Initiatives) aiming at aggregating enterprises and other economic organizations from the Northern and Southern Mediterranean on three strategic areas: Internationalisation, Innovation and Circular Economy. It is funded by the ENI CBC MED Programme (www.enicbcmed.eu/projects/tex-med-alliances).

The Project is led by TEXFOR – the Spanish Textile Industry Confederation (Spain, Cataluña). Other
Project’s Partners (PPs) are:

  • CTN – Industrial Association of Northern Tuscany (Italy, Tuscany) ;
  • SEPEE – Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (Greece, Kentriki Makedonia) ;
  • CETTEX – Textile Technical Center (Tunisia, Ben Arous) ;
  • MFCPOLE – Monastir El Fejja Competitiveness Pole (Tunisia, Tunis) ;
  • GACIC – German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Egypt, El Iskandanyah) ;
  • ACI – Amman Chamber of Industry (Jordan, Amman) ;
  • PFI – Palestinian Federation of Industries (Palestine) ;
Free Consultation