New standard for fabrics and nonwovens: ISO 21765:2020

The german company Testing equipment supplier Textechno, is a market leader in non-crimp fabrics (NCFs). Recently, it has developed international standard ISO 21765:2020 to quantify material behaviour in terms of drapability and deformability of all kinds of fabrics, including woven, knitted and NCFs, as well as nonwovens, on Textechno’s Drapetest precision testing equipment.

The standard 21765:2020 is so interesting especially in carbon fiber recycling, since one of the most efficient applications for recycled carbon fibers will be in nonwovens.

Drapetest is the first testing instrument world-wide to quantify not only the force which is required for deforming a fabric, but also the various defects such as gaps, undulation, or wrinkles which can arise due to the deformation. This tool is developed thanks to a public funded project.

The application of the new standard for nonwovens from recycled carbon fibres comes is perfectly timed for the market sector dedicated for the production technologies of composites, and non-crimp fabrics and classical fabrics for thermosets, which will increasingly gain in importance within the next few years.

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