New antimicrobial solution against hospital acquired infections

New antimicrobial solution against hospital acquired infections

With the Covid 19 pandemic, medical personnel in hospitals have an urgent and imperative need to have protective clothing that guarantees effective and lasting protection against pathogenic microbes and viruses.

In this context, the incubated start-up of IIT Delhi Medicfibers in collaboration with AIIMS New Delhi, have developed a new antimicrobial solution, named Viroclog.

Several tests have been carried out in various accredited laboratories in India and they have shown that this solution guarantees long-lasting protection against HAI (Hospital Acquired Infection), «hospital-acquired microbial infections are a major problem not only in India but globally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a renewed sense of urgency in tackling this issue.» said Vikram Saini, medical advisor to the startup and faculty member at AIIMS New Delhi.

Viroclog decreases viruses, bacteria and fungi survival on fabric, when used as a coating on textiles. Knowing that clothing and textile materials are porous and carriers of microorganisms such as viruses, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, therefore they present a fertile surface for the growth of these microbes.

The coating of Viroclog on textiles reduces the surface energy hindering the adhesion of microbes and destroys the integrity of its membranes. The destruction of the lipid-based membrane barrier renders the microbes inactive, thereby preventing the transmission of infections thanks to antimicrobial hospital coatings.

Viroclog features up to 99.9% antimicrobial efficacy against viruses, bacteria, fungus and long lasting antimicrobial properties for over 100 washes. Products treated with Viroclog are Oeko-Tex and REACH compliant. They are safe and friendly to human skin. This new coating is able to save lives and reduce costs associated with healthcare by integrating important antimicrobial protective technology into hospital garments.

«The patented Viroclog solution in multiple laboratory testings could provide protection lasting more than 100 washes demonstrating a high durability. Viroclog solution reduces infections» said Harsh Lal, founder, Medicfibers.


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