How does High-tech textiles impact the Medical and Safety sectors?

High-tech textiles

Work in a variety of sectors, such as production and care, logistics, agriculture, and medicine, is considered as difficult. In this aspect, exoskeletons may provide significant relief to workers in various industries. What impact do high-tech textiles have on the medical industry?

The Jumbo-Textil company’s unique ‘power suits’ are an intriguing device that helps patients increase their motor capabilities and mobility. Elastic narrow textiles make up the majority of the exoskeleton.

This company’s exoskeletons, which are one of the most essential high-tech textiles, meet various qualities and needs, including:

  • Contains skin-friendly components
  • Soft surface
  • Permeable to air
  • Free from harmful substances and meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 PK1.

The company’s manufacturing method enables the creation of a variety of stable textile structures (elastic buttonhole braids, multi-branched elastic hole cords, etc.).

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