How can smart medical textiles boost up our health care?

smart medical textiles

What are smart medical textiles?

Smart medical textiles play the role of a virtual nurse. It monitors your health 24 hours. Sensors are integrated into the textile what allows the monitoring of the patient conditions in a non-annoying way.

VTT is a Technical Research Center of Finland that has designed smart fabrics that permit a continuous:

  • Inspection of the patients’ body temperature.
  • Adjustment of the temperature according to the needs of patients.
  • Measure of the heart rate of the patient.
  • …..

VTT provides an elastic wireless sensor development package under one roof: materials, manufacturing & integration, HW and SW design and application:

  • Provides a novel flexible, soft, comfortable and stretchable wearable sensor patches.
  • Has an advanced data analytics and machine learning vision.
  • Offers wireless sensors platforms that can be customized for customers’ needs.


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