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About the Cluster

The Health Textile Digital Cluster in the Mediterranean is a vital tool for implementing health emergency initiatives, initiating cooperation among health emergency companies and find out concrete actions to lead a marketing approach for them. It offers information and provides exchange facilities to support the members of the cluster to interact with potential partners for cooperation.


To provide an effective, quick and tested/certified supply of health devices in case of epidemics in the Mediterranean countries.

Beneficiary countries

Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine

Contracting authority

MFCPOLE, Monastir El Fejja Competitiveness Pole – Tunisia


The Health Textile Digital Cluster in the Mediterranean is launched in the frame of the TEX-MED ALLIANCES – Textile Mediterranean Alliances for Business Development, Internationalization
and Innovation.


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Launch of the Health Textile Digital Cluster in the Mediterranean

The event represents an interesting opportunity for participants to discover this new concept of digital cluster and benefit from its multiple services.


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    Health textiles digital cluster

    Symposium Health Textiles Digital Cluster

    The Symposium has brought together key-stakeholders of the health textiles’ sector from Europe and the MENA region to exchange ideas and visions about the next development of the sectorRead more about the news

    What they said about us ?

    “Juan Antonio Sanfeliu, Gassol company”
    Being member of a such cluster with suppliers covering all the value chain could increase our competitiveness as well as open the collaboration to access new markets or having new products on our market.
    “Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms”
    Another success story of EU funded cooperation in the Mediterranean for new textile business lines, that adapted to COVID emergency for production of masks, protective gloves &clothes.
    “Armando Ortiz Franco, Ortiz company”
    This cluster will allow to exchange ideas and expertise with outside companies and so to reach higher products’ performance. Furthermore, having a great list of suppliers with valuable environmental and secure health items, will promote us to cover a high range of supply heath chain.
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